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Adèle magaud

"Athletically, I am very capable, as shown by my recent results on 10k (36’37)"

About Adèle Magaud

" I love running, I really love running, I feel the need every day"

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 04/05/2000

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 116lbs

Graduation year: 2018

Placement year: Fall 2019



Current club: Martigues Sport Athlétisme 

Current coach: Remi De Rossi

Personal Records:

10k: 36:37 (2019)

3000m: 10:19.61 (2019)

1500m: 4:44.11 (2019)

800m: 2:21.72 (2019) 


High School name: Lycée Paul Langevin

TOEFL: Taking early June 2019

ACT: Taking early June

GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Adèle's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Desired Major: Engineering / geology, hydrology



Regional Champion U20 - XC

119th place at Nationals U20 - XC


22th place at Nationals U20 - 3000m

Regional Champion U20 - XC

District Champion U20 - 800m

District Champion U20 - 1500m

District Champion U20 - XC


24th place at Nationals U18 - 3000m

Vice Regional Champion U18 - 3000m


Regional Champion U18 - 3000m

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Why should I recruit you ?


  I want to serve your university by devoting my athletic and intellectual capabilities. People often describe me as rigorous, serious, organized, perfectionist, observative, determined and with endurance. I always try to be the best version of myself. These qualities have helped me reached the first part of my goals, I hope to accomplish the second part by your side !

Athletically, I am very capable, as shown by my recent results on 10k (36’37), which ranks me 3rdin France in my age group (U20). But not only have I good endurance, I also work a lot on my speed, and even though it isn’t my best asset, I never lose to my opponents in the final stretch ! What’s more, I love running, I really love running, I feel the need every day and I do not count the training sessions nor the kilometers every week. I’m not afraid to put the miles in. I believe that with time and patience, one will always reach their goal !


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


  As a student in France, it is hard to conciliate between sports and studies. I am quite lucky that my school has let me reduce the regular number of classes to be able to train on the side.

But even with a bit more time than a regular student, I don’t have a training group close to my school nor good infrastructures.

Thus, I admire the U.S. systems which helps student-athletes combine theses activities and which puts both at the same level, taking sports very seriously.

Moreover, running for a university, for a team, with regular and dense competitions will certainly make me psychologically stronger. I like to run individually, but even more for a team. I feel that we are lacking these values in France. The training conditions in the US are amazing and I dream of accessing them.

Finally, I would like to run in the USA because I believe that it is an exceptionally enlightening experience on all plans ! Discovering new culture, new language, new sports methods…

What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?


  This summer 2019 :

1500m : 4’35

3000m: sub 10’

5000: 17’30

As for 2019-2020, I want to be part of a cross country team in the US.

In XC, I want to show what I am capable of, fight for my team and take it to the best level in the nation !

On the track, I want to try myself indoor as I never got the opportunity to compete in an indoor track. For indoor and outdoor I want to run the 1500m, 3000m and 5000m.

My goals for next year will be :

1500m : sub 4’30

3000m: sub 9’50

5000: sub 17’30

What’s more important for me is to become stronger mentally, fight all my weaknesses which did not allow me yet to fight for a podium at XC Nationals in France. Running with a team will help me for sure !


College and life goals?

  Beside sports, I wish to settle in well with this new life in the States and to become fluent in English quickly.

Academically, my goal is to pursue a Bachelor’s in renewable energy engineering, or in geology / hydrology in a respectable school. Academics is what matters the most to me. I have always given my best at school to bring high grades to join prestigious schools and I hope to keep going this way !

Anything to add?

  I am calm, sweet and tolerant person. I listen to people, I am autonomous (I have been a girl scout since I am 11), and organized. Thus, I will find my way in the US though I am young.

I am extremely motivated to live an incredible experience ! I love challenges and I will make the necessary sacrifices in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a student-athlete in the United States !

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