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baptiste depril-dupre

"I want to satisfy the University which will invest on me"

About Baptiste Depril-Dupre

" I would like to improve my personal records and to run as fast as I can"

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 04/04/98

Height: 5'7"


Graduation year: 2016

Placement year: Fall 2019




Current club: Athletic Trois Tours


Personal Records:

800m: 1:52.31 (2016)

1000m: 2:29.43 (2017)

1500m: 3:55.18 (2018)

400m: 51.05 (2016)
5k : 15:39 (2018)

600m: 1:21.49

800m indoor: 1:54.97 (2015)

LJ: 6m32 (2013)


High School name: Lycée Choiseul



GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Baptiste's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Major: Management / Sport 



Vice District Champion Cross Country


Vice District Champion 1500m


District Champion 400m 

3rd place at Regional Championships Cross Country


Vice Inter-regional Champion 800m

Vice Regional Champion 800m

Vice Regional Champion Cross Country

District Champion Cross Country


District Champion 400m

District Champion 200m

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Why should I recruit you ?

  You should recruit me because I am a complete athlete.  

Indeed I initially started with combined events. Quickly I was in the top of the French ranking, I was able to run 100 meters in 11’26 and at the same time, 1000 meter in 2’38. Now I can run the 5k or 10 k. However, I am more specialized in 800-1500 meters, but I am happy to adapt to the needs of my team.

Moreover, this year, in cross country I am focusing on long distance in order to prepare the US distance of 8k to 10k. 

In addition I have a huge margin of progress, I can assure you. 


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


  First of all, the fact that athletes represent their university in the USA through competition is more significant than in France, which is what I like. Furthermore conciliate between Sport & Studies is so hard in France, by the simple fact that courses take all week days. In addition, the fierce competition in the US will allow me to develop a strong mental attitude. Also the budget agreed for the Sport is very huge in the US culture, therefore, the universities don’t hesitate to invest to have better athletes. As a result, athletes feel more highly valued.

Besides, to have teammates is fundamental for me to improve and to get better skills and to develop aptitudes. All University athletes train as a team. Unfortunately, I have always trained alone thereby I cash in on this opportunity to have team to become better as an individual.

What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?


   I would like to improve my personal records and to run as fast as I can, thanks to my teammates and coach. I want to satisfy the University which will invest on me. What’s more I would like to be able to run under 1’50 in the 800m, under 3’49 in the 1500m and more. I know I can quickly achieve this goals.


College and life goals?

  First, I hope to graduate in Business Management, it will be a great achievement.

What’s more I wish to take the opportunity to improve my English level.

Also discovering the US culture, learn about American workout system, lifestyle, etc.


Anything to add ?


I am ready to train so much and so hard.

Always enthusiastic and with the smile, I am usually described as a very nice guy and I know why I have chosen this way. Lastly, I am open minded as you can see.

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