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"Vice Champion of France at U20 Nationals on 5k in 14'53"

About Florian Le Pallec

I am a serious and an ambitious person who always keep in mind my objectives. I work hard every day to achieve them"

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 05/31/1999

Height: 6'08"

Weight: 143lbs

Graduation year: 2017

Placement year: Fall 2019




Current club: Lorient (APL)

Current coach: Maryse Le Gallo 


Personal Records:

5000m: 14:23.09 (2019)

10k : 31:26 (2018)

1500m : 3:58.72 (2018)

3000m : 8:35.77 (2018)


High School name: Lycée Notre Dame du Voeu 


SAT: No need

GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Florian's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Current university name: IUT Vannes

University entering year: 2017

Major: Business



Vice National Champion 5 000m - U23


International games U20, French team 10k (Rennes)

International games U20, French team 10k (Oderzo)

Vice National Champion 5 000m - U20

Regional Champion 5 000m - U20


Regional Champion 5 000m - U20

District Champion 5 000m - U20


Vice Regional Champion 3 000m

Vice District Champion CC

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Why should I recruit you ?

First of all, if you want a competitor, you should recruit me. In fact, I am a serious and an ambitious person who always keep in mind my objectives. I work hard every day to achieve them. In your team, I will be a complete element because I practice every distance from 800m to 10k and also XC.

Furthermore, I began athletics in 2015 and it’s just my fourth season. So, I still have a great margin of progress. Every season, I beat my PBs and this year I became vice champion of France at Nationals on 5k in 14’53’’.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


Actually, my club is in Lorient and I study in a different city (Vannes). So, during the week, I am training alone. It’s for this reason that I would really like to join a US colleges. Not only a competitions team but also a training team because I think the team spirit is the key of success to progress. Moreover, in France we have university competitions, but they are much less noticed and I am looking for a real stadium atmosphere at US colleges.  

What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?


I don’t know precisely the national level in US but my first objective is to join your team to participate at National XC Championships. I would really like to integrate myself in a team with ambition to win titles and to be the best team.

Personally, I want to break all of my PBs and more particularly my 5k PB. This year I broke two mythical barriers; 15’ on 5k and 4’ on 1500m. Now, the objective is to reach another level and I would like to do it with your help.


College and life goals?

Actually, I study in business and at the end of this year I will obtain an associate degree in Marketing. Now, if I have the opportunity to study in the US, I wish to pursue a bachelor’s in business. Studying in a US university is an opportunity to improve my English and to discover a new culture. These elements are very important in business and for me because in my future I hope to work abroad.  Moreover, US universities are ideal if we want to learn and to practice our sport at high level.

I have many goals but the most important is to have a great academic background while continuing to practice athletics at the highest level.  

Anything to add ?

This year I had the chance to be selected two times in the French Team for European road race under 20. One in Oderzo (ITA) and one in Rennes (FRA). These were unbelievable experiences with an excellent team. These two races allowed me to discover the international level and to represent proudly my country. I do not intend to stop my career here…

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