"I am a hard-working person and I am very motivated to achieve my goals"

About Jessica Thomas-Billot

"Even though I started running late, I love this sport and I feel confident in my abilities to improve. I live an- healthy lifestyle and I am committed to training"

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 03/01/1993

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 109lbs

Graduation year: 2015

Placement year: Fall 2018



High School name: Lycée Jean Durand

Graduation year: 2015


SAT: not necessary

GPA: -

Major: Management / Marketing / Communication / Business


Started running 1 year ago

Current club: SA Toulouse Université Club 

Current coach: François Liberge


Personal Records:

1500m: 5'05" (may 2018) / short-term goal 5'01"

800m: 2'26" (june 2018) - from 2'34" in 2017/ short-term goal: 2'25"




1st participation to the French Cross Country Championships

Placed 12rd at XC 1/2 finals 


District champion on 400m - Senior


What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?


I loved this past season in which I ran cross-country for the first time. I really enjoyed it, especially going to Nationals with my team. I would like to improve on that sport and I know that in the States, xc is as important as track. Be able to run more miles and to recover better will certainly help me both in cross and in track. Cross country season is a great way to prepare the body and the mind to be a tough athlete.


On the track, I would like to keep running the 800m and the 1500m to show what I am capable of because it was my first year running these distances. The 1500m in particular, was an eye opener for me; I loved this distance and I feel that I can improve a lot. I am also willing to discover other distances such as 5k and steeple !


College and life goals?


Be in full immersion in a foreign country is certainly an enriching experience. In particular learning the language and the culture of locals. I bet it is very different from France and I will be happy to also share my personal experience. I love sharing and discovering new things. Live like real American students do, would be amazing.


On the academic side, it will be interesting to compare the French methods with the American teaching methods. I really want to come back with a degree from the United States and with fine English skills.

Anything to add

From all the testimonies I heard, be part of a US college as a student-athlete in something to be lived. So I really want to do it before it is too late. I am ready to leave France and start this journey in a new continent. I know that on all plans, this could be the experience of my life and I am convinced that you will like my personality.

Why I should recruit you ?


Even though I started running late, I love this sport and I feel confident in my abilities to improve. I live an- healthy lifestyle and I am committed to training. I am serious, and every practice is a step toward achieving my goals.


I like to be part of a team and share moments at practice or during competitions with other athletes; in other words, I have team spirit. Running helped me gain confidence in myself and to see myself improve makes me want to keep going. I am a hard-working person and I am very motivated to achieve my goals.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


What I like with the U.S. system is the feeling of belonging to a school and the pride that student-athletes have toward their school. I wish it was like that in France, but it is not. US colleges are a great opportunity to conciliate between school and sport as a student-athlete, because of the way schools are organized.


To be recruited by a U.S. team would be the best thing for me improve in running, in school, and to learn English.

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