Julie Crochet

"I have high level rugby experiences, thanks to different regional team selections"

About Julie Crochet

" I am quite stubborn about my sports performances, because I always want to do better, and improve my level and my skills. "

Sport: Rugby

Citizenship: France

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 02/11/1998

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 138lbs

Graduation year: 2015

Placement year: Fall 2018



High School name: Lycée Jean Luçat


SAT: Not necessary

GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Julie's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Current university name: Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier

University entering year: 2015

Major: Sports Management


Current club: Castres Olympique

Current coaches: P. Dufour & P. Roca

Position: Full back

Alternate position: Center, Wing

Weight room Stats (1rep. max):

Full squat: 45 kg (99lbs) 
Press legs: 130kg (287lbs)
Deadlift: 75 kg (165lbs)

Bench Press: 35 kg (77lbs)



National champion with Big South Team


Made Regional (Midi-Pyrennes) Team - Rugby fifteen


Made Regional (Limousin) Team - Rugby sevens

Request information



Why should I recruit you ?


I am a young player, who only asks to learn. Indeed, I am a hard-worker and a rigorous person. I am quite stubborn about my sports performances, because I always want to do better, and improve my level and my skills.

I think that being in a new rugby team forces us to prove our skills and make our place within the rugby team.


I have high level rugby experiences, thanks to different regional team selections. Besides, I am polyvalent, as I played at several positions within the rugby team, like full-back, winger or outside center. I also played rugby sevens, besides rugby XV. Moreover, I supervise a U12 rugby team and a U15 women departmental team. This allows me to have both rugby coach and player visions.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges ?


I want to compete at U.S. colleges because I like team spirit, the fact that everyone supports everyone else, between different sports. Moreover, in France, the University Challenge is not as developed as the U.S. one. I also want to experiment a new championship. What’s more my current team just went down in the third women rugby league, while I am still able to improve myself among the best players.

I like challenges, and compete in another sport system gives me such an opportunity to move to a new level, by improving my physical and technical skills.

How do you see your Rugby career ?


In France, women cannot be professional rugby players, even if we can play in a high level rugby division. So, I just want to combine rugby passion and studies or professional work. But I don’t want to seat on my ambitions and I do want to access to the highest rugby level reachable.

Moreover, I think that high level of rugby, or any other sports, help us in our professional life, because we are competitive, hard-worker, and diligent.


College and life goals ?


Concerning college goals, I want to obtain a Master Degree in Sports Marketing or in Sports Management. Being and playing within another sports and school system will definitely help me in my studies. Moreover, being in U.S. colleges brings us a great academic background and time to compete within a sports team.

I have different visions of my professional life, I would like either work with professional sports clubs or work for sports partnerships within a company. I also want to give my free-time to coach young players.

Concerning life goals, as I have just said before, I want to balance my life between high sports level and my work.

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