lucas liard

"4th place on half marathon at 2016 U23 Nationals"

About Lucas Liard

" If I am selected I will be able to show you how hard I train every day to increase my performances"

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 09/26/95

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125lbs

Graduation year: 2016

Placement year: Fall 2020





Current club: Joue Running 37

Current coach: Patrick Janvier


Personal Records:

3000m : 8:36.52 (2019)

5k : 14:55.22 (2019)

10k : 31:27 (2019)

Half marathon : 1h10:52 (2016)


High School name: Lycée Marceau




GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Lucas's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Major: Business Marketing / MBA applicant


2019 (U23)

Vice Regional Champion - 1500m

District Champion - 1500m

District Champion - Cross Country

Vice District Champion - 800m


2018 (U23)

46th place at Nationals - 10k

District Champion - 1500m

2016 (U23)

4th place at Nationals - half marathon

22th place at Nationals - 10k

3rd place at Regionals - Cross Country

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Why should I recruit you ?

  First of all, I am a competitor.
I am a complete athlete particularly at ease on XC, track (1500 to 5000) and road races.
If I am selected I will be able to show you how hard I train every day to increase my performances, so you can see for yourself how much I improve my PB’s.
I have great potential for improvement and I have a strong spirit to achieve it.
Sport makes me feel good. Running is my adrenalin.
I have developed a great championship experience with already 7 participations (2 XC, 5 Road) at national level.



Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


  I want to compete at US College to push my limits to the maximum with the best training conditions.
Most of the time I’m training alone, I want to enhance my performance thanks to the training you will provide within the group of selected athletes. I am a team player !

I would like to experience the atmosphere of US competitions.
A huge advantage in joining a US College is that I could maintain peak performance while balancing studies for the MBA.
Plus, I would like to experience different training technics.

What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?

  I plan to break all my PBs and improve my general athletic level.
I want to improve my speed in short distances (800-1500) and continue to progress in endurance.
I am looking forward to win titles with your team and take part in the national XC Championship.
I am flexible and willing to try different ways of training.
My dream, which I will work hard to make come true, is to represent my country during the international championships.


College and life goals?

  I am currently studying in a Parisian Management and Business School to obtain my Bachelor. It's important for me to continue my studies and graduate with an MBA, in a thriving environment.
I have an interest in many topics such as History, literature, economy...

I am an enduring person, friendly, open minded, and enthusiastic.
US College will also represent a superb opportunity to improve my level of English. It’s a very important aspect as I plan to work in the international business.
I love the American culture and by joining your team I will be able to experience it fully.

Anything to add?

  I am a reliable and kind person. I am spontaneous, generous and I believe I will adapt myself easily to life on a US campus.
I am willing to try improving my sports performance under your guidance and I believe I am equally ready to get into the challenge of pursuing both athletics and studies in America .

I feel super motivated to train and study hard in order to win my position among your team.
Studying abroad and developing my athletic potential are my two priorities in life.