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Maxime cathala

"I played rugby for 10 years in the Stade Toulousain academy, the most titled team in Europe"

About Maxime Cathala

" If I am successful and lucky enough, my dream is to play at the Olympics with French sevens team"

Sport: Rugby

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 03/07/2000

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 170lbs

Graduation year: 2018

Placement year: Fall 2019



High School name: Lycée Pierre Bourdieu



GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Maxime's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Desired major: Mathematics, Computer science


Current club: US Montauban

Previous club: Stade Toulousain

Coach: Michael Coetzee / Jean-Philippe Viard

Position: Fly-half and Scrum-half

Alternate position: Any position in the backline

Weight room Stats (1rep. max):

Full squat: 150 kg (330lbs) 
Press legs: 230kg (507lbs)

Bench Press: 85 kg (187lbs)

Award / Recognition


Quarter final National Championships


Semi final National Championships 


Ranked among top 100 players of South West Region 

Quarter final National Championships  


Summer Camp at Stade Toulousain Academy - named most hard working player


Summer Camp at Stade Toulousain Academy - named best player 


Summer Camp at Stade Toulousain Academy - named best player 

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Why should I recruit you ?

I played rugby for 10 years in the Stade Toulousain academy, the most titled team in Europe. Playing with great teammates and training with inspiring coaches, in high-pressure games (semi-finals, finals) has taught me what it takes to get to a professional level (preparation, food, training).


I am a versatile player. I started playing  rugby as a flanker because I love tackling. Then I became outside centre, and today I can play every position in the backline but I mostly play fly-half and scrum-half. 2 years ago I challenged myself to kick penalties. I trained hard and I ended up being the kicker for the finals of the last season. 


In France I studied mathematics and science and I managed my time to still be able to play in the highest level rugby league in France. This required work hard. I know that I’m going work even hard to archive my objectives.


In that regard this year, I decided to go to New Zealand to improve my English and to prepare for the S.A.T and the TOEFL exams. I chose New Zealand to improve my English skills, to discover a new culture and to play rugby with the best players and coaches in the world. Now I am looking forward to playing in the US and I am excited to defend the colors of the university that will give me this opportunity.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges ?


Before taking the decision to study in the U.S., I did a lot of research to make sure that this choice was the right one for me. The U.S. college culture is one of excellence both in sports and academics. 


This is what I am looking for because I cannot picture my college life without rugby. I have worked and studied hard in order to achieve this objective. I want to follow the same path for my studies. I am confident that your university can help me to improve both, studies and sport.


The U.S. rugby institutions are doing great work to develop rugby there. I believe that such a sport has the potential to be big in this country and I am really excited to be a part of this adventure and contribute to help it grow there.


Moreover, I am motivated to have an engineering carter. I have always been curious about technology and how things work. I believe that it is the right career path for me.

What do you want to achieve in rugby?


Playing rugby at the highest level has always been one of my life goals. I started rugby when I was 4. I grew up playing this game, and it has become my passion. I spend most of my free time playing it  (including gym time). I am ready to work really hard, to achieve my goal and play in a professional team in MLR or in another professional league. 


My ambition is to play professionally and to help my future team the best I can. If I am successful and lucky enough, my dream is to play at the Olympics with the French sevens team. To do so, I believe that playing for a U.S. college team will provide a great environment to grow as a player, to be a better athlete and a better person.


I am curious to know how rugby is played in different countries. How different cultures can have a different vision of rugby. This is the reason why I went to South Africa (To the Stellenbosch academy to play for a month), and why I am currently in New Zealand.


College and life goals ?

My college goal is to get a degree in mathematics and engineering from your university, as well as play in the higher university league. I want to join a university in the U.S to know the rugby philosophy there. I am convinced that discovering the U.S culture will be a great experience and it will help me be a better player and better person.


My life goal is to be a successful engineer and then create my own company. I also want to play for a professional rugby team. My greatest ambition is to try to live my life to the fullest because I do not want to have any regrets when I get old. I want to be there for my family and my friends.

Anything to add?

I would like to thank you for your time and interest in my profile. I am extremely motivated for this new chapter in my life and I am willing to discuss with you and provide any further information you would need. 

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