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Maxime Gardes

3rd place European Championships U20 - 4x100m

About Maxime Gardes

" I am a serious person, whether it is in the sport or the studies, I always give 300%. I am fascinated by my sport, track and field. "

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 07/17/1996

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 137lbs

Graduation year: 2014

Placement year: Fall 2018



High School name: Lycée Antoine Bourdelle


SAT: Not necessary

GPA: Pending on NCAA evaluation

Current university name: Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

University entering year: 2016

Major: Business (Human Resource Management)



Current club: Union Athlétique Occitane 31

Current coach: Fred Gardes


Personal Records:

60m: 6"86

100m: 10"52

200m: 21"80



Finalist French Championships U23 - 60m indoor


Semi-final French Championships U23 - 60m indoor

French Team, Mediterranean Games U23 - 4x100m


Vice French Champion U20 - 60m indoor

3rd place European Championships U20 - 4x100m

3rd place Match FRA-GER-ITA U20 - 60m indoor


Vice French Champion U20 - 60m indoor


French Champion U18 - 200m indoor


Why I should recruit you ?


I am a serious person, whether it is in the sport or the studies, I always give 300%. I am fascinated by my sport, track and field.

I Like learning every day and meet whoever allows me to evolve as an athlete but also as a man.

I think I’m a careerist; I want a beautiful professional career. To me, my sport is a springboard for my professional career.

I leave no room for randomness. I am a hard worker and I do not count my hours.

I am also a person who likes living in a group and share, for me it is very important.

I can bring to a university or a group a lot because I am involved in my projects and I know how to put a lot for the people who know how to trust me.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?

I was always attracted by the American universities, I think that they are the best universities in the world. Everything is set up to allow academic and athletic successes.

I always wanted to live in the United States and I hope that this dream is going to become a reality.

I want to learn a new way of seeing things and to learn a new culture.

I want to graduate in the United States. It is very important for me.

What do you want to achieve in Track?

I want to progress on the track and outside the track.

On the track I want to make substantial improvements. By going to the US, I expect a real change and I hope to be able to beat my all records and learn many things.

I wish to bring my experience to the university also.

I hope to have a good training group; it’s very important for me. Off the track I hope to be well-surrounded by coaches,medical staff, a group etc... I also hope that there will be good infrastructures to work because today in France I do not have much.

Finally, I want to be back in the French team.


College and life goals?


I want to obtain my degree in the United States and I do not exclude staying to live in the US if everything goes well. I look forward to departure in the States !

Anything to add ?

I hope my profile appeals to universities and coaches. It is an opportunity for which I have been waiting for a while.


Today I am ready to leave. It is time for me.

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